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May 16, 2019

Collaborations with breweries are a home brewers dream event. It's a day that home brew clubs get to learn from the big boys, and in this case, learn what different yeasts (listed below) can do to a common wort. The feeling can be , and should be mutual for the brewery, as well. That's what the Forest City Brewers did with G5 Brewing in Beloit, WI. The outcomes were enlightening as this podcast will surely reveal.

First and foremost, a special thanks needs to be sent our to G5 Brewing and head brewer Tim Goers. Although they were sitting and waiting for "shutdown" permits to be distributed so they coud go public, they didn't hesitate to do this collaboration. In fact, Tim was incredibly generous with his time and provided an great day for all the home brewers that attended (and went home with the most affordable beer they've ever fermented).

Brew day was super fun, and the Home Brew rock Stars team was able to talk to many of the home brewers, as well as head brewer Tim Goers, for a long interview about his brewing past, and future! His story is great, as was the excitement of the home brewers.

Part two of this adventure featured nine beers from the collaboration that were all fermented with different yeasts. The results were impressive, as much as they were quite different. We cover this tasting at Beers on First Festival (Loves Park, IL)where the baseball themed  nine beers were available to to festival goers (not relation to Tim :-)).

The rest is history, all documented on this podcast. There is a Yeast list below. Happy brewing! #drinkitup

  1. London Ale III (Wyeast 1318)
  2. Thames Valley (Wyeast 1275)
  3. Kolsch (Wyeast 2565)
  4. French Saison Ale (WLP590)
  5. Voss Kveik (OLY-061)
  6. West Coast Ale (OYL-004)
  7. DIPA Ale (Conan) (OYL-052)
  8. Belgian Wit Ale (WLP400)
  9. California V Ale (WLP051)