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A podcast about home brewing and the people that brew beer. Craft beer and home brew news, music reviews, beer tastings and interviews with some of the top brewers at home, and at breweries throughout the world.
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Aug 5, 2018

Podcast: A preview of 2018 Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Festival with guest Corey Kuczynski

It's August, it's hot, and time for prime beer festival season. On this podcast the boys review the history, do a retrospective and make predictions for this year's Great Taste of the Midwest. We've invited one of our brew buds and GTMW veteran, Corey Kuczynski, to break it all down as we prepare for this year's extravaganza of trending, traditional and tasty craft beer available for consumption (for those that have a ticket) on Saturday, August 11 in Madison, WI. As with every show, we also do some beer tastings....this time from breweries that are regular fixtures at Great Taste. A festival that hosts more than 190 breweries and 1400 beers (not to mention meads, ciders and over 100 cask ales) should provide plenty of choices. Of those we sipped our sponsors double IPA called Always the Hard Way from Pig Minds, and also sampled Founders Backwoods Bastard, New Glarus Coffee Stout and a revisit with Urban Chestnut Stammtisch Pilsner (one of the finest pilsner's on the planet). Speaking of Great Taste beers...Kent and Brent lead a new segment called BEER TAG, where they offer a fun beer name from last year's Great Taste and Mike and Corey have to guess between two breweries to choose the one that brewed it. They didn't do so good, but who really cares...the segment was educating and super fun! Finally, we shared clips of an underground band called Brain Kingdom with clips from their 2005 Nashville studio project called Tacos & Swimming Pools. The album was recorded in just 3 days in a small Sony satellite just of music row, featuring original songs written by Don Peterson with Brent Shelton on bass/guitars and Mike Tarrolly on drums, plus a host of fine local musicians who hung out and joined in when called upon. Share this podcast with your friends (below) and send us your feedback for what you'd like us to talk about on the Homebrew Rockstars Facebook page. You can now buy our merch on Threadless (Use this code for free shipping: FREESHIP7180f00a4 ). Plus...tune in next episode as we preview Screw City Brew Fest 2018! #drinkitup    
Jul 14, 2018

Podcast: Best Day Drinking Beers and tips for home brewing them are reviewed

It's summer, it's hot, and you don't wanna get too filled up in the heat. This podcast reviews the best day drinking beers, tips for drinking light during the day and some ideas for home brewing your own lawn-mower beers! Pucker up as we re-taste Pig Minds Farmango kettle-soured farmhouse ale with and sip on Genesee Cream Ale (New York's oldest brewery). Then we pucker more with Brent's home brew called Pound of Columbus, plus the crew indulges in other day drinker beer tastings from Bell's Larry's Latest Sour, Left Hand Travelin Light Kolsh, and Metal Monkey Bikini Bottom Pineapple Gose, a true monkey pucker if we ever had one:) Talk about a mind puck...Kent and Brent lead a Real or Fake "Day Drinking Beer Trivia" segment and we fool around a bit more with the show theme to explore some best "practices" for starting your drinking before what to ever matters?! We also feature sound clips from a band called Maggie's Dream and their impossible-to-find unreleased album called Elysium.This funky rock, pop, soul group was short lived and led by Menudo vocalist Draco Rosa who filled the vox spot when Lenny Kravitz decided to go solo before the band released their first and highly coveted self-titled album in 1990. Some claim Mr. Kravitz stole a bit on this style while others close to the early daze claim they played of of each other...regardless, it's classic music! Share this podcast with your friends (below) and send us your feedback for what you'd like us to talk about on the Homebrew Rockstars Facebook page. You can now buy our merch on Threadless (Use this code for free shipping: FREESHIP7180f00a4 ). Plus...tune in next episode as we seek out more home brewers and tasty beers! #drinkitup
May 27, 2018

Podcast: How to home brew fast lagers in up to half the time!

Wanna Quickie? This podcast episode features a short "how to" for home brewing fast lagers. With a little more detail to gravity and temperature step acceleration, you could possibly cut your lagers and pilsners down to 4 weeks, give or take depending on how you serve them. Thanks a bunch to those sharp minds at Brulosophy for the Fast Lager experimenting! We also share some tastings of some great lagers from New Glarus (Two Women and Totally Naked), Victory (Home Grown Lager) and Steamworks (Pilsner). Yum! Plus the guest beer of honor comes from our sponsor, Pig Minds which features a 6th anniversary beer called Farmango, a 4.8 AVB  kettle-soured farmhouse ale blended with mangos. More Yum! Talk about quickies...Kent leads a Real or Fake "Speed Trivia" segment and we fool around a bit more with the show theme to explore some unusual "quickie" destinations ... hey, you only live once ... we thinks?! And...catch the interesting vibe from the music in-and-outs of Tin Tin Can, a reverb-soaked Chicago band, as well as some brief history on Nazareth, Tame Impala and QOTSA albums to round out the highlights. Share this podcast with your friends (below) and send us your feedback for what you'd like us to talk about. Plus...tune in next episode as we trek out to the ballpark again with the Forest City Brewers serving their awesome home brews at the Brews on First Beer Festival in Rockford! #drinkitup  
May 8, 2018

Podcast: Big Brew 2018, with a home run line-up of home brewers and an extra innings bottle share!

This home-brew podcast goes remote to Rivets stadium in Rockford, IL with the Forest City Brewers and friends. We took in the sun and fun at the old ballpark to celebrate the largest group brewing event in the world (AHA Big Brew is the 40th anniversary and the farewell to Charlie Papazian, the father of home-brewing!). Home Brew Rock Stars interviewed people that brewed beer for the upcoming Brews On First beer festival on Saturday June 2. And with an impressive bottle share and some baseball meets Cinco de Mayo meets Kentucky Derby, all bets were in. It was an interesting day of four brewers all doing brew-in-the-bag beers, but with 4 unique setups. Leading off with his Cincinnati Irish Red was Ron Derry, who once did a 3-day try-out with the Reds back when the players were "pumped" and the bats were corked. Batting second was Mike Bohn with his Belgian Dark Strong Ale and primed to move the Irishman into scoring position. Batting third was Jerry Machula and his Hefeweizen that's leading the league in RIMS (see pics for this fun brewing setup). And batting clean-up was Mike Coisman switch hitting for the first time with a brew-in-a-bag lawn-mower bee featuring Centennial hops. Good times for all that attended, and for those that chose not to, next year looks to be even more fun, so make plans now so you don't miss out! Next podcast will be another remote occasion at the Olympic Tavern on Wednesday May 16 with FCB, Zak Rotello and friends. #drinkitup  
May 1, 2018

Podcast: Homebrewer extraordinaire Mike Coisman shares his karma and tasty beers and meads.

This podcast episode features a chat with Mike Coisman, a home brew guru thats not afraid to expand his experiences to just about anything that ferments. Mike is a seasoned brewer that takes on beer, wine, cider and meads to the point of overkill, on purpose. His award-winning brews are delightful and story is even better. He share a Pliney the Younger clone brewed on Big Brew Day 2017 (and still chewy good!), as well as an assortment of sumptuous meads and share s some great tips for any homebrewer willing to sit through this fun show. We also put Pig Minds Smokey Scot on the table for a tasting and dive into a Real or Fake: Commercial Beers (or not), while sharing a tasting of Champaign Illinois pride Blind Pig's Blue Pils and finishing off some of Pig Minds new Midwest IPA called Juicy Minds. All this while sampling clips from Minneapolis brood rock band The Phones and their hit album, Back in Time. Oh to be 20 again. Share this podcast with your friends (below) and send us your feedback for what you'd like us to talk about. Plus...tune in next episode as we venture to the ballpark for our annual Big Brew Day with the Forest City Brewers home brew club! #drinkitup
Apr 20, 2018

Podcast: Craft brewing chatter from Carson Souza at Pig Minds

Podcst-homebrew-souza-groupThis episode features a remote podcast with Pig Minds Brewing head brewer Carson Souza. We do our best to extract his beginnings and discover out he's been brewing to his own soundtrack, and then some! It's a wild ride through some deep conversation from a bright and rising star in the craft brewing scene. We also do some tasting of his newest beer called Juicy Minds, a clear and clean version of the New England IPA...or perhaps, it's the Midwest IPA?! Add another tasty treat with a very solid Hefeweizen, and we finished the night off with a spicy sipping of Kent's Chipotle Porter home brew (which incidentally, blended fabulously with Carson's Maple Porter...just saying). We also put Pig Minds operations manager, Shane Johnson, to the test with a "Real or Fake - Bands and Brewery Collaborations"...yes, Kid Rock, ACDC, Pearl Jam and Warren Haynes all drop into the trivia fun. Speaking of collaboration beers, we do a fun tasting of Wood-Aged Bitches Brew from DogFishHead, a tribute to Miles Davis famous jazz-fusion masterpiece. This beer is worth seeking out, with notes of sweet roast coffee, and aromas of vanilla, licorice and chocolate. We got wood, too:) All this while our home brew club friends from Forest City Brewers hung out in the brewery for their monthly tasters guild. Share this podcast with your friends (below) and send us your feedback for what you'd like us to talk about. Plus...tune in next episode as we entertain more home brew escapades with Mike Coisman and his beer, cider, mead and wine making processes! #drinkitup podcast-homebrew-souza-3podcast-homebrew-souza-2podcast-home-brew-souza-4bitches-bew-dogfishhead hefe-pig-minds Juicy-mind-pig-minds
Mar 30, 2018


Podcast: It's a March Madness Beer Tasting featuring Cinderella Brews, DMS clues and a trip to the Holy City

hbrs-greenscreen-e20-800This home brew podcast episode features Mike's interview with Holy City brewer Chris Brown and his most famous patron (Pete!).  Chris tells us a little bit about how he got into brewing and what's going down at the Holy City brew scene in Charleston, SC. We also partake in some tastings of some very under-rated beers, including Sparkling Princess from Holy City (Sour IPA), Barroom Hero from Magic Hat (a Pub Ale collab with the Dropkick Murphys), Depth Charge from Wisconsin Brewing Co., One-Eyed Jack from Off-Kilter, and Barrel-Aged Joe Daddy Imperial Coffee Stout from Pig Minds. das-boton-soda-dripAdding to the phi-slamma-jamma is our "Real [not Fake] list of  Cinderella Beers and Brew Cities". PLUS... the Home Brew Rock Stars team delves into D.M.S. in your home brew, how to detect it and some smart tricks on how to prevent it...what is that creamed corn?...gat tha fach outa hare! The show also showcases short clips from a true Cinderella guitarist, Bill Dolan, the whiz kid behind the 90s punked-up funk/jam/rock from Five Styles [Sub Pop] and Heroic Doses. These clips come from a 2009 Das Boton album entitled Soda Drip...BUY IT!!!!! Share this podcast with your friends (below) and send us your feedback for what you'd like us to talk about. Plus...tune in for our next episode as we SMaSH it up with Carson Souza on-site at Pig Minds Brewing Co. Who's in your March Madness Beer Bracket? We pick Loyola-Chicago for the hop smack down...and HAPPY EASTER!!!! #drinkitup Sears-home-brew-podcastjpgbrent-homw-brew-podcast-20kent-home-brew-podcast-20 barroom-hero-podcast depth-charge-podcast Joe-daddy-podcast one-eyed-jack-podcast sparklingprincess-podcast

Mar 17, 2018

Podcast: Steve Lenox & Shawn Steiner from Prairie Street talk St. Patrick's Day Beers and What's Next for Them

e19-prairiest-homebrewrockstarsThis podcast episode features head brewer Steve Lenox from Prairie St. Brewing Co. and his assistant brewer Shawn Steiner, talking about what's next for this young brewery. We also imbibe some Irish style beer, a little St. Patrick's Day history and indulge in some local music from Havana Honey. Tastings feature Central Water Ouisconsing Red Ale, Prairie St. Irish Stout and Feather Eye RyePA (aka Kelly RIPA) and a special home brew feature Nelson Sauvin and Hallertua Blanc hops!!! Adding to the shenanigans is our "Real or Fake: St. Patrick's Day Facts". The Home Brew Rock Stars team throws questions to Steve and Shawn about their craft brewing process and what might be changing in the near future..."can" we say distribution!? We also talk a little about their Pilot Series beers and that process where they brew experimental one barrel beers for their steady patrons to try out, adding a nice option for beer geeks and freaks. Share this podcast with your friends (below) and send us your feedback for what you'd like us to talk about. Plus...tune in for our next episode as we feature South Carolina brews and peeps from Holy City Brewing. A special thanks to our sponsors and friends from Pig Minds Brewing Co. HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY PEOPLE!!!! #drinkitup pool-table-home-brew-podcast steve-lenoxprairie-street-brewing-comike-sears-podcastbrent-2-podcastCentralwaters-redale irish-stout-2018 kelly-ripa-prairie=-st
Feb 24, 2018

Podcast: Beer Startups, Brewery Disasters, Pig Minds New England IPA and Jon James

BRS-group-podcast-BrianendlThis podcast episode features brewery founder Brian Endl from Pig Minds Brewing Co., covering a gamut of brewery startup topics, and a little history on some brewery disasters. We also do craft beer tastings from the Pig Minds featuring their Dirty Souls New England IPA, their tasty Friends, Family & Forever Belgian Tripel, plus a Bourbon Barrel QUAD from Boulevard and a home brew gusher brewed with gobs of Lemonhead candy. AuContraire_coverThe show features can't miss tunes from guitar virtuoso, Jon James (Minneapolis transplant via Rockford native). Kent and Brent quiz Mike and gBrian with "Real or Fake: Brewing Disasters". Then, the crew throws questions to Brian about brewery startups, some of the hiccups, celebrations and infusing vegan food into a brewpub. If you're thinking of starting a brewery someday, this is a nice retrospect of the good, bad and bright shiny lights on the horizon. Share this podcast with your friends (below) and send us your feedback for what you'd like us to talk about. Plus...tune in for our next episode as we interview Curt Meyers, an entrepreneur of sorts both in and out of the home brewing arena. #drinkitup kent-brent-podcast-beer brian-endl-homebrewrockstars pooltable-group-beerpodcast sears-homebrewbelgian-tripel-pigminds-podcast boulevard-beer-podcastnew-england-ips-podcast
Feb 17, 2018

Podcast: Beer News, Brewery Taxes, Inert vs. Living Ale and Revolution DB VSOD ... 17% ABV

HBRS-17-greenscreenThis podcast episode explores the latest beer news with fellow home brewer guest, Matt Berthiaume, covering a gamut of short discussions with recent beer and brewery news, a history of brewing related taxes and a wrangle about real ale. We also do craft beer tastings from the Revolution Deep Wood Series (Double Barrel VSOD-Very Special Old Deth, Ryeway to Heaven and Straight Jacket), Bell's (HopSlam 2018), Pig Minds (Flap Jacks Maple Porter) and some delish pear-infused IPA home brew. The show features pre-release tunes from the dazed electric 3-piece band PURPLE HELL (Rockford, IL). Kent and Brent quiz Mike and guest Eric Johnson with "Real or Fake: History of Beer Taxes". Then, Mike and Matt face off in a "Drunk Debate" on Inert vs. Living Beer pursuing to agree, or disagree, on whether filtered beer is better than real ale..we'll find out soon enough at the 2018 Day of the Living Ales festival in Chicago on March 3rd (follow up podcast coming!) Share this podcast with your friends (below) and send us your feedback for what you'd like us to talk about. Plus...tune in for our next episode as we interview Pig Minds Brewing Co. found Brian Endl and put him to the test on sharing what part of a brewery start-up really draws out the pain, and the pleasures! #drinkitup   sears-17-podcst    Matt2-17-podcastbrent-17-podcastkent-17-podcastRevolution-VSOD-podcasthopslam-podcastPigminds-flapjacks-17-podcastPear-ipa-homebrew-17
Jan 14, 2018

Podcast: Beer Tips for your new year's fitness, health, resolutions and brewery

HBRS-e16-GS-finalThis podcast episode explodes with 2018 new year's beer resolutions from Beer Advocate forums community, plus brewers fitness tips (equipment) and beer health facts. We also review beer from Two Brothers (In the Flesh), Surly (Hell), Pig Minds (Joe Daddy) and Founders (Blushing Monk-2015). Who knew beer could be so damn good for you? GogotorpedoThe show features pre-release tunes from Blue collar punk rock band Go Go Torpedo (Rockford, IL), including a killer cut from their first single, Ray Gun. Kent and Brent quiz Mike and guest Eric Johnson with "Real or Fake: Light beer has more calories than...?". Mike run through some great tips for home brewers to get their equipment in shape for a new brewing season. And Brent shares "8 ways beer is good for your health". Share this podcast with your friends (below) and send us your feedback for what you'd like us to talk about. Plus...tune in for our next episode as we a review of the new beers coming in 2018, sure to blow the lid off January's fitness, health, resolutions and much more. #drinkitup   blushing-monk-beer-review brent-kent-beer-podcast eric-home-brew-podcast eric-kent-beer-podcast home-brewers-podcast kent-brewing-podcast mike-home-brew-podcast pig-minds-joe-daddy surly-hell-lager-review two-brothers-sours
Dec 30, 2017

New Year's podcast with a 2017 brew review, beer tastings and radical holiday hangover remedies!

greenscreenThis podcast episode focuses on "Best of Brewing in 2017" and a historical look at hangovers and rumored panacea. We also tap into tastings from Founders (Backwoods Bastard), Begyle (Hophazardly), 3 Floyds/Mikkeller (WarPigs Lazurite), Pig Minds (Idol the Lil "Agave" Braggot) + Kent's super-delicious Chipotle Porter home brew. #yummy Home Brew Rock Stars' very own Kent Runte gives us a rundown of some of the popular hops and brewing ingredients used in 2017 by breweries and home brewers alike, including some trends that arose and others to look for in 2018. Mr. Mike Sears follows with the 5 Stages of a Hangover (you don't want to venture in the fifth us!), some general things you can do to alleviate your hangover and readiness to prepare your body for a drinking binge. Mike also reviews an odd, if not hilarious list of international concoctions (dried bull penis, deep-fried canary, etc) to cure your ales from a holiday hangover. Thanks for listening  to our first full year of episodes and we hope you have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! #staywarmhaveahomebrew brent-podcast kent-podcast mike-podcastbegyles-podcastfounders-podcastpigminds-braggot-podcastwarpigs-podcast
Oct 14, 2017
Mead-podcast-group NEW format - This home brew podcast features a long overdue chat with accomplished home brewer Mike Bohn, as we dive into making meads, brew-in-a-bag and Mike's infamous mead-infused Toga Parties. We also do a tasting of Pig Minds' kettle sour, Tart Life and finish it all off with a yummy tasting of B. Nektar - Kill all the Golfers ... that live in a van down by the river. B-Nektar-Kill-All-the-Golfers-Mead-500ML-BTLMr. Bohn gives us some insight to his thoughtful brewing process, as well as sharing 4 tasty meads during this home brew podcast episode, including a sample of his first ever mead, a tart cherry mead that's a super smooth and tipsy sipper at 12 ABV. We also do a short REAL or FAKE segment focusing on historical Toga Party trivia (if you know these you're full of sheet!), and close the show with a discussion regarding the 2018 Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Nominees, including the Moody Blues, Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine. It's a Matt Foley motivational  listen, so #drinkitup !!! bnektar-killgolfers homebrew-podcast-mikes kent-brent-beer-podcast meads-sours-bnektar pigminds-sours
Sep 26, 2017

homebrew-octoberfest-podcastAhhh, Octoberfest Beer, that delicious malty sweetness shared once a year. This podcast we taste test 7 different Octoberfest beers from a variety of craft brewers around the USA (see list below). We put Pig Minds' Briieetkraut to the test (an Oktoberfest German Marzen style Lager) with a sound bite from master brewer Carson Souza. ...AND we "talk-over" a bunch of HILARIOUS unedited short interviews with home brewers and craft brewers and beer festival fans...they get a much better "slurry" towards the end...worth the listen and a laugh...Prost!!! Oktoberfest (German pronunciation: [ɔkˈtoːbɐˌfɛst]) is the world's largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair). Although there are smaller Oktoberfest celebrations all over the world, the main event takes place in Munich, Germany. More than 6 million people attend the city's celebration, making it the biggest beer festival in the world octoberfest-beer-tastingOctoberfest Beer Lineup: O'Dell - Oktoberfest Urban Chestnut - O-KATZ Oachkatzlschwoa New Glarus - Staghorn Octoberfest Buckle Down - Oktoberfest Off Color - Waddle Pig Minds - Briieetkraut Off Kilter - Octoberfest off-color-waddle-octoberfest

Sep 3, 2017
  1-e12-groupshot This podcast episode is all about Home Brew Clubs with an intimate interview with Mike Sears, President and veteran home brewer with the Forest City Brewers. We cover our "Real or Fake" segment with Home Brew Club Names (how good are you?) and drink some tasty craft beers from the likes of 3 Floyds, Toppling Goliath and Pig Minds Brewing Co., as well as a special home brews from a 3 year old barrel-aged home brew collaboration and a haze-bent New England IPA. Eric Jonson sits in to lead our Brewers Talk segment, putting the screws to Mike Sears with some home brew club history and retrospect for how to keep your club relevant, passionate and fun! All while we sip on Toppling Goliath Rover Truck Oatmeal Stout, Pig Minds Talk is Cheap Citra PA (an ode to NYC Ska band The Toasters) and followed by a tasting of 3 Floyds massive hopped Arctic Panzer Imperial IPA with killer artwork from  Tim Lehi. All this and more accompanied by samples of fresh tracks from Rockford-based musician Micky Rosenquist. DRINK IT UP!   IMG_1131eric-1kent-2brent-1 mike-eric-1brent-kentarctic-panzer-wolf-3-floyds rover-truck-toppling-goliath TALKISCHEAP-PIGMINDShome-brew-neipa
Aug 17, 2017
  Group-screwcity-podcast-beerThis podcast episode features the creators of the Screw City Beer Fest, Aaron Sleger and Chris Wachowiak. We preview the their 7th fest which is happening on Sep. 9, 2017 which features 55 breweries, Forest City Brewers and their 16 home brews, and food, music and fun, We also dip back in time to find out how this popular event (it sold out in 22 minutes) got its start and what it took to make it work...and keep it in-demand. The show also includes awesome discussion and tastings of some highly-coveted craft beer from Mikerphone - One Man Wrecking Machine, Pipeworks - As You Wish, Marz - The Machine, Metropolitan  - Heliostat, Pig Minds - Sweep the Leg, as well as some home brew and other libatious donations. All of these breweries will be present and accounted for at this year's Screw City Beer Fest - here's the full line-up. All this and more accompanied by samples of fresh tracks from Rockford-based band, Law & Love. DRINK IT UP! aaron-chris-trump-racist sears-sleger-beer-podcastbrent-kent-home-brew-podcastwachowiak-screw-city aaronsleger-screwcitysears-screwcity-podcast brent-screwcity-podcastpipeworks-asyouwishmarz-hemachinemikerphone-onemanwreckingmachine pigminds-sweepthelegscrewcitybrewfest
Jul 22, 2017

Special Beer Festivals Podcast featuring Scott Freeman

This podcast episode focuses on "Festival Pours with Scott Freeman", craft beer expert at Rural On Tap and creator of the Rocktown Brewdown Beer Festival. We tap into Scott's world as a former Miller Brewing Rep and craft beer marketer, as well as taste some top shelf beers from festival standout breweries like Maplewood (Lemon Drop), Firestone Walker (Parabola, Bravo), Pig Minds (South Bitch Slap). Home-brew Rockstars also break out a stand-out German Pilsner called Stammtisch from Urban Chestnut featuring the new large pop top lids (these are awesome!). All with music samples of some Acid Jazz/Funk classics from Chicago's own Liquid Soul, led by the one and only Mars Williams. The ROCKTOWN BREWDOWN 2017 Beer Festival on Saturday August 19 at 4:00 pm features all the the breweries mentioned above as part of 25 in total and more than 10 exclusive home-brews from Forest City Brewers. This inaugural event offers early VIP (3:00 pm) to a limited number of beer geeks for $55 (with access to special pours and a custom T-shirt), Regular Entry for $35, and Designated Driver tickets are also available for $10. GET TICKETS before they're gone!   homebrewrockstars-beerfestivalsscottbrent-kent-urbanchestnutbrent-homebrewcoop-podcastingfirestonewalker-parabolalarge-pop-top maplewood-lemondrop
Jul 2, 2017

Flanders Red Sours, Big Reds and Old School Funk

group-homebrewersA RED (white and blue) Home Brew Podcast featuring Tim Lundquist, his Flanders Red Merlot Barrel-Aged project and a look into the mind that operates a "big" home brew setup. Plus we do craft beer tastings of Lagunitas Lucky 13, ODell Flemish Giant, New Glarus Raspberry Tart, Pig Minds Southy Bitch Slap and flurry of sour home brews. HomeBrew RockStars dive into brewing traditional Belgian Sours. Guest home brewer Tim Lundquist has a ton of experience brewing all kinds of beer and shares some key techniques for brewing sour beer and barrel-aging. We also sample Tim's fabulous Kriek Lambic and a couple other home brews he talks about brewing. All this above accompanied by Pig Minds Brewing Southy Bitch Slap on the pool table with a review of the new Cheap Trick album, We're All Alright and a funk-spattered blast from the past via Fluid Oz. DRINK IT UP!!!   homebrewer-tim-lundquisttim-mike-homebrew-podcastkent-brent-home-brewbrent-homebrewLagunitas-lucky-13 odell-flemish-giantnew-glarus-raspberry-tartpig-minds-southy-bitch-slapfluid-oz-parliament cheap-trick-were-all-alright
Jun 18, 2017
Group-420Special #FathersDay Podcast featuring Zak Rotello, resident craft beer authority at the Olympic Tavern, who shares his generational tract in this 72 year old family restaurant business. Plus we take on an Anchor/Revolution Collaboration called Fist of Liberty and listen to trap from the latest Miles Nielsen offering, Heavy Metal. HomeBrew RockStars dive into the craft beer industry, brewery rankings , its survival vs. larger breweries and what it all means to beer drinkers. We also talk 72 years in the family restaurant business, gardening for the menu, traveling to other breweries and other things that make Zak's grundle quiver. This episode also zeros in the Anchor Brewing history, their Liberty IPA, Revolution Brewing's Fist City and the story how a Chicago Cubs - SF Giants bet brought us an advance tasting of the Fist of Liberty collaboration. We gave it 4.5 drones! All this above accompanied by Pig Minds Brewing Vanilla Royal Bitch Slap on the pool table and a "Rusted Hearts" serenade. mikenzak1 mikenzak2 brentbrentnkentmikenzak3tasters zakbitchslap
May 29, 2017

Podcast features "outside-the-box" approach to brewing, the craziest beer ingredients ever, Pig Minds and Three Floyds tastings ... and a listen to Name the Moon

HBRS-ellis-episode-052517Cory Ellis (Forest City Brewers) takes center stage as Brent, Mike and Kent explore the mind of a forward thinking home brewer, while sampling Cory's well-aged Olive Ale and his all-Oats brew. Tasty stuff, indeed! The show spins around the book from beer science guru Randy Mosher, Radical Brewing, and that process to brewing beer beyond BJCP styles. The gang also digs into a segment of Real or Fake: Craziest Beer Ingredients. Tastings the episode include Royal Bitch Slap (a big Elijah Craig bourbon barrel-aged 5th Anniversary offering from Pig Minds) and the "world-class" Dreadnaught Imperial IPA from Three Floyds Brewing. All while taking in the new album from Name the Moon. Please SHARE this post with your friends (buttons below)! Or better yet... [mc4wp_form] mike-cory cory-ellisbrent-shelton kent-runtebeer-tastingoat-ale-sedimentolvie-ale-home-brew
May 9, 2017

Big Brew 2017 – Forest City Brewers gather to brew some big beers

HomeBrewRockStars hits the road for a May Brewers Guild at Steve Anthony's  with the Forest City Brewers for National Home Brew Day...aka #BIGBREW2017. This podcast episode follows Steve on his awesome all grain system, Jerry Machula brewing a 5 gallon brew-in-a-bag (w/high-tech setup) and Mike Coisman & Tim Lundquist pushing the Brew Master system to the max while cloning Pliny the Younger. What a day for brewing beer and hanging with your peeps!!! We also dabble into a group tasting of Holy City's Bourbon-barreled Pilsner called "Smells Like Rick" (or was that a horse in the Derby?) as well as a mother group tasting of Founders Redankulous, and an assortment of home brews and special reserve craft beer. You gotta hang on for a hilarious skit for "is that a race horse or a beer name" and killer interviews from the days rockstar brewers! It's Big Brew 2017 ... DRINK it UP. big brew 2017 - 10 big brew 2017 - 9 big brew 2017 - 8 big brew 2017 - 7 big brew 2017 - 6 big brew 2017 - 5 big brew 2017 - 4 big brew 2017 - 3 big brew 2017 - 2 big brew 2017 - 1
Apr 22, 2017

An #EarthDay podcasts featuring Honey Bees, Pig Minds, Ommegang Game of Thrones, Rochefort 10 ... and 5 Yard Load meets The Last Vegas

HBRS-e5-GIFF-5Listen in on Brent, Mike and Kent as they spend some time with Mike Gifford (Forest City Brewers) talking beekeeping, brewing (and tasting) Belgian style ales and discussing why there's so many varieties of honey (even marijuana honey). The show delves into earthy subjects as the boys taste an assortment of well-aged Belgian beers from the likes of Ommegang, Trappiste Rochefort 10, St.Bernardus Abt 12, Pig Minds Brewing Co. Belgian Golden Ale and guest brewer Giff's 4 year old belgian home brew. Giff shares a clone attempt from harvesting Bell's Hopslam yeast, Kent talks about brewing with New Zealand hops and Mike shares some "buzzy" wisdom from none other than Albert Einstein. The show features cuts from an old 5 Yard Load record and we discuss other music from The Last Vegas, Name the Moon and Mana Kintorso. Please SHARE this post with your friends (buttons below)! Or better yet... [mc4wp_form] HBRS-e5-GIFF-2HBRS-e5-GIFF-3HBRS-e5-GIFF-4HBRS-e5-GIFF-1HBRS-e5-GIFF-10 HBRS-e5-GIFF-9HBRS-e5-GIFF-8 HBRS-e5-GIFF-7 HBRS-e5-GIFF-6HBRS-e5-GIFF-11
Mar 26, 2017

New England IPA, Maplewood, Heist, Pig Minds, Billy Gibbons and more w/guest brewer Blake Aper

Follow Brent and Mike during an exclusive "get-toknow" with BLAKE APER (Forest City Brewers) to explore his #homebrew process on the PICOBrew Zymatic system (also used by Denny Conn and many other home-brew rock stars), as well as other insights from Blake as we prod his head on just how he creates his award-winning beers. Along with sidekick Kent Runte, this episode also features a tasting of some New England IPA-like styles including Death Grip IPA from our sponsor, Pig Minds Brewing, a tasty NEIPA called Blurred from Heist Brewing (Charlotte) and a mouth watering finale with Maplewood Son of Juice, the oat-soaked hoppy little brother to their infamous Juicy Pants. Our popular “Real or Fake?” segment tests Mike and Blake on HOP names (not as easy as you think!), this week's “Drunk "non" Debate" discusses New England IPAs…and we take some closure from “what ya been listening to” with news on Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), a Chuck Berry legacy and a peek into Rockford's own The White Shape and their new EP (check out this video of Space Reaper shot by Aaron Hall or listen/buy on Bandcamp). Please SHARE this post with your friends (scroll for buttons)! Or... [mc4wp_form] IMG_4872 3960339599IMG_48753959539576IMG_4878 3960739608 39612
Mar 11, 2017

SMaSH Beer, Toppling Goliath, Two Brothers Coffee, Black Country Communion...and more!

39461Join Brent and Mike for a fun chat with JOE MONGAN (Forest City Brewers) about his #homebrew process and other thoughts, like adding Two Brothers Coffee to a soured barrel-aged brown...tasty!!!! Along with guest Kent Runte and a tasting of the Toppling Goliath single hop SMaSH beer called PseudoSue (generous helping of Citra hops), we tackle our "Beer News: Real or Fake?", "Drunk Debates: Juicy Hops"…and a quick dabble into "what ya been listening to" with some news on classic rock and the super-group, Black Country Communion! [mc4wp_form] 394623946339466
Mar 1, 2017

Brewers Guild - Maibock at Curt Meyers (Forest City Brewers)

HomeBrewRockStars hits the road for a February Brewers Guild at Curt Meyers (Forest City Brewers). This podcast episode checks out Curt's unique All Grain electric #homebrew system as he brews a special Maibock and gives the club a rundown on how his custom automated system works. The well attended Brewers Guild featured some tasty home-brew samples, as well as various private stashes of hard-to-find craft beers, including Surly Darkness and Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout. Event pictures included below. [mc4wp_form] 17036589_1380321465362861_314114241_o 16997284_1380321362029538_1721619404_n 17005877_1380320938696247_1181795740_n 17035432_1380321632029511_1933043287_n       17006165_1380320265362981_1137293554_n 17012518_1380321252029549_1054498392_n 17015190_1380321888696152_661767668_o 17035919_1380321115362896_1684220315_o
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